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Create an optimized model with the optimal output based on your quality preference.

Customize your AutoMode model using your data, specifying the models you want to ensemble across and setting the metric that you want the model to optimize on. AutoMode will automatically provide the best system to process your data on a segment level. In other words, you’ll be getting the benefits of all the AI systems that AutoMode is trained on–in a single API.

How AutoMode works

  • Customize your AutoMode: Specify the datasets, models, and metric that you want to train your AutoMode.
  • Train the model: Review the AutoMode training job and run it. View the progress of your AutoMode training as a Benchmark report.
  • Use the API: After the training is complete, find the model in your assets where you can try it out and integrate it.

Supported functions

  • Translation
  • Speech Recognition


  • High customization: Curate an AutoMode model for your data using any combination of AI systems and metrics.
  • Simple setup: Create your AutoMode model in a single-step interface.
  • Highest quality-to-cost ratio: AutoMode follows dynamic pricing, meaning each segment is priced based on the system that processes the data — offering the best quality for the best price.
  • Time efficient: AutoMode saves you the time and effort spent when looking for a model that fits your needs.