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What are aiXplain credits?

Credits are the currency on aiXplain's platform. 1 Credit costs $1.

Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image

For example, with 1 Credit, you can:

  • Translate 250,000 characters of text. That is around 200 pages.
  • Transcribe a 1 hour long audio file into text.
  • Synthesize 250,000 characters (200 pages of text) into audio.

How can you add credits?

aiXplain makes it easy for users to add and keep track of their Credit usage. Your total team Credits are reflected on the top right-hand side of the screen. From there, you can view your latest transactions, add Credits using a credit card, or set up recurring transactions to automatically add Credits to your team.

Pay as you go

aiXplain credits allow you to "Pay as you go" with the following features:

  • Access to all public assets in the AI marketplace
  • Access to all AI development tools
  • Dedicated endpoint deployment in seconds
  • Model and data hosting (up to 5 GB/team)
  • Free team creation (up to 5 teams)
  • Join unlimited teams
  • Unlimited email support
  • Pay only for what you use

Pay as you go covers both asset usage fees and tool usage fees on our platform:

Our inventory contains over 35,000+ AI models with different capabilities and price points. The supplier sets the costs for each model. We don't charge additional fees, ensuring you always receive the best prices that align with the supplier's rates.

For example:

Models by functionPrice range
Question answering8–20 Credits / 10,000 input tokens
Text-to-speech4–16 Credits / 1 million characters
Entity linking0.001 Credits / request
Speech recognition0.5–2 Credits / 1 hour of an audio
Large language model (LLMs like GPT-4)0.002–0.12 Credits / 1,000 tokens

Tools might have additional fees associated with them, depending on the infrastructure needed or AI assets they might rely on.