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Bel Esprit

Bel Esprit is a Generative AI chat agent designed to simplify AI solution creation through natural language instructions. It swiftly selects AI models from aiXplain's marketplace, integrates them into deployable solutions, and offers user-friendly explanations. Bel Esprit connects users to AI specialists when further customization is needed. Its unique feature is continuous learning from interactions, ensuring ongoing capability improvement.

What is Bel Esprit?

Bel Esprit is the world's first virtual AI Solution Architect - a Generative AI chatbot designed to understand natural language instructions and build deployable AI solutions based on them.

How does Bel Esprit work?

Users input natural language instructions, and Bel Esprit processes those to create a tailored AI solution. It chooses appropriate AI models, integrates them into a working solution, and provides explanations and alternative solutions if needed.

Key Features

  • Code-Free AI Solution Design: Transforms textual instructions into AI solutions without coding.
  • Vast AI Model Repository: Explore over 35,000 AI models from trusted suppliers.
  • Comprehensive Explanations: Receive in-depth insights into your AI solutions.
  • Rapid Testing and Deployment: Streamline your AI development process with quick testing and deployment.
  • Access to Certified AI Specialists: Connect with experts for further customization.
  • Continuous Learning: Improves its capabilities over time.
  • No-code Platform: Seamlessly integrates with aiXplain's design and deployment tools.

What Distinguishes Bel Esprit?

Bel Esprit streamlines the entire AI solution development process into one cohesive experience, removing the need for coding skills. It delivers the final solution as a single deployable API endpoint, reducing barriers to entry and accelerating time-to-market.

What Problems Does Bel Esprit Solve?

Bel Esprit provides accessible AI application development, speeds up the development cycle, and offers frictionless access to certified AI specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the user modify the provided solution?

Yes. The user can request Bel Esprit to modify the architecture, change the used models, or support other languages and data modalities. Additionally, the user can manually modify the solution within aiXplain's Design canvas.

What if the provided solution is not perfect?

If the solution is imperfect, the user can request modifications from Bel Esprit or connect with a certified AI specialist on the aiXplain platform for further refinement.

What use cases can Bel Esprit develop?

Bel Esprit currently supports Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based solutions across various use cases, such as automating customer service, managing medical records, providing language translation services, monitoring social media, summarizing content, and managing knowledge.

How does Bel Esprit ensure data privacy?

In its Alpha version, Bel Esprit anonymizes user conversations and utilizes them to learn and improve its AI algorithms. All data is securely stored and treated with the utmost confidentiality to ensure user privacy.

How does Bel Esprit fit into aiXplain's product ecosystem?

Bel Esprit embodies aiXplain's vision of making AI accessible, impactful, and explainable for every organization. It is a gateway to aiXplain's platform, marketplace, and tools.

What technology is Bel Esprit based on?

Bel Esprit is based on the fusion of Large Language Models and Knowledge Graphs, developed by a talented team of Machine Learning scientists and engineers at aiXplain.

What does 'Bel Esprit' mean?

Bel Esprit is French for "beautiful mind."

What are the future plans for Bel Esprit?

Bel Esprit is committed to continuous improvement, learning from user interactions to offer smarter and more intuitive solutions over time. Future plans include feature enhancements, extending capabilities, and integration with other platforms.

What is the cost involved?

The Bel Esprit Alpha version is free for everyone. Users only incur the costs of running solutions or models. Contacting a specialist is free until the point of contract signing between the user and the specialist.