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Studio Tour

Welcome to Studio! It's our no-code interface for interacting with the aiXplain platform.

Dashboard Overview

Start your journey on the Dashboard, your central hub for navigating to AI assets and tools, and viewing your activity.

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Browsing and Integrating AI Models

Discover is our marketplace. Here, you will find many AI models covering over 50 functions from suppliers like OpenAI, AWS, Groq, and Hugging Face. You can try models, compare them, deploy them, or add them to the Design tool to build an AI solution.

Using the Design Tool

In Design, our no/low-code tool, you can develop an AI solution by starting with a template or dragging and dropping AI assets and components on the canvas.

Deploying AI Solutions

Once you build a solution, you can run it, and once you save it, it auto-deploys it as a single API endpoint.

Advanced Tools

For advanced users, FineTune allows you to improve models with your own data, and the Benchmark tool lets you evaluate the performance of models using industry-standard metrics and display them in a detailed report.

Credits and Wallets

aiXplain offers a pay-as-you-go model. Create teams with distinct wallets, add members, and fund them with Credits.

Questions and Support

Reach out to us via Discord or email if you have any questions or need support. Happy building! 💛