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aiXplain Pipelines are scalable solutions you can build in Design using Models, Metrics and (soon) Data assets, logic nodes and (soon) custom script nodes for additional flexibility and customisation. Pipelines are easily editable and allow for model hot swapping, letting you prototype quickly and easily swap providers.

Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image

Scalability / Multi-Threading

Pipelines are designed to support large and complex processes. You may feed a pipeline with thousands of input instances to be processed, and the Platform will provide the resources to run its nodes and instances in parallel, speeding up the process.

Models vs Pipelines

Models are intended to process small instances, such as audio up to 5 minutes and texts up to 2000 characters, one at a time. If you aim to process larger instances and many instances in parallel, then pipelines are the way to go.


You can run pipelines through the Platform in their Try it out! pages and through the SDK.


Pipelines can be easily built in our Platform using Design, our drag-and-drop tool for building pipelines. You can check out our Design Overview video. Soon, you can also build pipelines through our SDK programmatically.