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aiXplain has an ever-expanding catalog of ready-to-use AI models by different suppliers (e.g. AWS, Microsoft, Google, Meta, etc.) for various functions (e.g. Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, Large Language Modeling, Sentiment Analysis, etc.). These models are available on-demand, can be connected together into Pipelines in Design, evaluated through Benchmark, or trained in FineTune.

Docusaurus themed imageDocusaurus themed image


aiXplain's models are categorized using several filters, such as Function, Supplier and Modalities (e.g. source language, target language) to make searching easier, whether on the Studio or SDK.


All aiXplain models can be run using the same syntax via the SDK, and our standardizations allow for model swapping in your pipelines.


You can call models through the SDK or through Studio in their Try it out! pages.


You can compare models using our Comparison feature in Discover.


You can onboard your own models onto aiXplain, making them accessible for deployment and utilization within your applications.